Tuesday, 13 December 2016

10 things to know before Elephant ride at amber palaces, Jaipur

1. Most beautiful Ambiences - In Jaipur Elephant ride at Amber palaces is organised by government. Most beautiful ride with a excellent ambiences. This is a historical ride because king of Amber used to enter in his palaces by the elephant on the same way. Amber palaces is a palaces of gardens when you do this elephant ride you have opportunity to see all these garden and valleys and big Mahavata lake. In center of Mahavata lake you see a beautiful saffron garden. No comparision with any other private elephant ride in amber or Jaipur.

2. Purpose of the ride to help farmers - Government organised this ride to provide job employment to farmers. This ride is not for commercial purpose. This ride is very popular but due to elephant welfare they have limited rounds. They serve you on the first come first serve basis. Every elephant allowed to make 3 to 5 trips in the day. Generally due heavy demand all elephants complete  their trip before 12 Noon.

3. Most reasonable prices - Cost of ride is most reasonable that is just 1100 Rupees for 2 person which is around 17 USD for two people.Sometimes due to commercial interest people try to criticize this ride and try to glorify their private elephant ride to get some business , Do not pay attention unless & until you only want to see the elephant only in wild life. Otherwise all rides are same all using elephant. Their is no good ride or bad ride.

4. Elephant welfare - Government ride have limited trip, one elephant can make 3 to 5 trip in one day according to whether. Duration of one ride is 15 to 20 min. For elephant care it is only one way. after one trip every elephant wait till other elephants make their trip. All elephants in this are female elephants, which is very important because female elephants are calm in temperament. Every elephant have a number by that management control the number of trip per elephant. Elephant who work in this safary lives in elephant village. This government created elephant village where Mahavat (elephant driver) lives with his elephant in this village. Every elephant get a separate restroom. elephant is a social animal they are happy when surrounded by other elephants.

Finally your elephant ride will over at amber palaces, this is the way Maharaja (King) of Amber used to go in his beautiful palaces.

5. How to get on elephant - Most important to get on elephant both side they create a platform upto the height of elephant. when you move from platform to elephant seat that time very careful, most of the time elephant stand study but you have to be careful.

6. Leave hotel early - This ride is very popular so it will be good if you leave your hotel early, Due to this ride all the hotel in jaipur are ready with breakfast, if you reach amber palaces up to 8 AM, It will be much comfortable without getting in queue you will get your elephant. If you bring two banana with yourself, elephant will love your gift.

7. Do you afraid of height - Amber palaces is on top of the hill, Its a small mountain of 45 Meter height. On the way it create some height which is not much but still you do not like to see you on the height then you can take jeep ride or sedan car & taxi can go on the amber palaces or you can walk on the separate track up to the amber palaces. While you walk all the way salesperson will bother you.

8. Tipping to Mahavat (elephant driver) - By the safary notices there is No tipping but I am not sure but people used to give small tip to the driver which is around 100 Indian rupees

9.Hold sidebar - . When you are on elephant seat while walking elephant seat moves if you need to hold then hold sidebar because front road is movable, so do not hold front road.

10. Sales persons near the ride - When you wait for your elephant Amber palaces is same like any other tourist spot. You will find lot of salesperson surround by you.  As you complete the ride some photographers will bring a print of your elephant ride, Here you can see big negotiation margin if you going to buy somethings please use your negotiating skill otherwise you will regret later.

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