Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Do not panic Indian cash crunch.

Now a days you might heard lot about Indian money crises. Its a big step for Indian economy, but for tourist government take several step to help them. For a tourist it is not a problem. If you heard only because some of the tourist might be unaware about the banking support.

Please Do not pay attention to rumors regarding demonetization (money issue) of Indian currency. It is a booster dose for Indian economy and tourist its a good opportunity because in beginning comparatively your tour become more cheaper.

As a tourist you have to take care of five simple things are following -

1. Bring more in cash - When you move from your country bring your currency like 1000 USD will helpful in case electronic transaction not work. easy to money exchange, many places people accept foreign currency. All monuments have online booking facility. 

2. Tourist have priority in banks - To help tourist bank create separate counter for tourist. Much easy to do banking, not crowded for tourist.

3. Card & electronic transaction accepted - Now day by day india become cashless, Its much easy to use your card or do electronic transaction.

4. Take smaller notes - In case you have bigger note like 2000 use that first even any small buy like tickets at monuments they will give cash back in small notes.

5 Use ATM happy hours- if you visit a ATM in early morning or bank right at 10 AM you will much easy to use.