Sunday, 11 October 2015

Jaipur By Night

Jaipur is one of the top visited city in India, In world it is famous as Pink City, Its real beauty revealed when it lighten by light. In day you bear heat and traffic bad on roads.In night it very pleasent.

Due to these aspect in point of view now Jaipur management deside to open city monuments for night, Name it Jaipur by night.

Change of Monuments timing - Now government change monuments timing for night tour, All monuments are open till 10PM.

Light and sound show - In tour at Janter Manter and Amber palaces they begin light and sound show.
These show are great opportunity to understand history with all light and sound effects.

Monuments more beautiful and Less crowded - Day tour highly busy and crowded but still night tour very peaceful. Light decoration done in such a way it enhances the beauty of all the monuments.

Good for indian situation - In India we have long summer and highly conjunction on traffic. if you plan to do sight scene in night, you will be free from all these problem of traffic and hot weather.

It is india's first planned town built in 1727 by one of genious of that time King Jai Singh II, It was King Jai Singh's vision, his brainchild due to that it know as Jaipur. (In india pur means city). It was the time when two stones were used for glorious construction in India were Marble or Red sand stone. Here king plan to build 10X10 square KM town, real red sandstone increase the cost. Then they plan to built Jaipur with normal available stones but later they paint the city into real red sandstone color. It become Pinkcity in the world as romantic pinkcity.

As we know it capital of geographically  India's largest state Rajasthan. It's close location to national capital Delhi and close to city of Taj Agra, make a beautiful triangle. In india tourism it is known as golden triangle. Most popular destination in Asia.

Only a constant sometime tourist face in summer time was its dry heat. Now administration understand this issue and all the monuments will open till late night 10 PM. Now it become a glamorous tour of city. Whenever you visit Jaipur, make suer have a trip after evening.
Rajesh Bhardwaj