Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Rosy Red Ribbon

Rosy Red Ribbon

In western Rajasthan many farmers living in small hamlet. Due to the orthodox mindset and pressure and problems in arrange marriages parents not want to sent their girls in govt schools. In this area some of the reputed NGOs come with the idea of six month Girls residential camps become accepted by society. Illiterate adolescents girls able to cope with the paces and able to learn up to class 5th syllabus in six month duration. Some of my observation you can find below - 

Last month I specially noticed that now Nazama has become quiet active,but still she is not much vocal. Half of the time in camp she seem very scared and quiet, but later on we found that she has emerged as a very determined learner. Though,She speaks in lower tone but is very confident. I have never ever seen her smiling. instead there lies a trace of anger and depression. She is like a silent volcano, With other co-curricular activities, She also do wonderful embroidery work.

I find she is not comfortable in discussing about her background and family, But some of the information I got was terrifying.  Around an year ago, after her mother passed away. she was forcefully married to a middle aged person  against some of fifty thousand rupees. At one point due to unbearable circumstances one night she ran out of her law's house. That night her husband and a group of men were running jeeps on the road to get her back. Making her way through the paddy farms she ran about seventy kilometer that whole night, In the early morn she reached at her maternal grand parents home, in near by village. Later her grand Ma stood with her. The NGO people found her and convinced them to start educating her. 

Everyone in camp know that her husband always hang around the camp. He waits for the camp for the camp to get over . Last month he brought a Rose red ribbon for her with beautiful golden work. All girls in camp are jealous, but she never wore it.