Sunday, 2 July 2017

Trekking for beginners..

Near Mcleodganj, Dharamshala, Himachal pradesh, India a beautiful tracking opportunity where you can
 lost yourself in nature.Most interesting activity i find in Mcleodganj, 
Triund means walk over three heels, its 5 KM long walk, start easy but as you further it become more difficult especially last phase. Normal walking speed it will take 5 hours to reach up to top. In general summer is the best time for triund trek. First thing you need to check whether report before go on this trek because no medical or any other help easily possible. If you plan in advances then start treadmill with alkaline mode, at least every day walk up to one hour.
Up to galu devi you can take taxi, At Gulu devi base point Forest department make your entry for triund trek. Best time to begin your trekking is early morning. You reach on top around after noon. If the weather not allows staying you have chances to plan come back at the same day. Otherwise it is better to stay there for a night. You will enjoy the night view full of stars in sky. In morning if you have enough energy you can plan to go further up to snow line by your own risk.
No need to carry tents up to the hill you can easily get tent on top but you need to do good negotiation. (Less than Rs 400 per person tent with sleeping bag) They have some tents are in good condition some are in bed shape, when you hire a tent check the tent and sleeping and mattress properly. Once you get good quality then only pay. If you reach late that time very few tent left. In that case you get poor quality tent in high prices. Second Take it as small trekking, use nice trekking shoes and stick will helpful. No electricity on top, no washroom, strong stick will also use as weapon for monkeys when you go for toilet. Carry fully charged torch, extra batteries and power bank for mobile if you get signal somewhere. When you reach on top after hiring a tent you love to relax, better have a pair of slipper undo your trekking shoes, better to have some light night dress. You need windcheater on top; temperature goes 5 to 7 Celsius. List of necessary items (first aid kit, Tissue roll, sanitizer, Swiss knife,) only three or four shops, they also provide food but everything double or triple in cost.

Most important keep your luggage light but do not miss the necessary things. Do not carry to many bottles of water every 1 or 2 KM you get a small tea shop, you can buy water around Rs 50 per liter. You can carry enough sources of energy may be chocolates or some drinks.
If you have a good quality camera sure carry it with you, you will get plenty caches for better pictures, otherwise mobile camera consume all your batteries. 
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Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Solo female traveler must know before travel to India

You might be heard in news about sexual crime against women in India. Most of incidents done by criminals where a female they find at unsecure places. Please do not imagine every Indian man is rapist. Normal youth raise their voices whenever such incident happens. 

 India is quite a safe country, but you must use your common sense precaution you would use anywhere. Don't be afraid to travel solo, and don't be afraid to spend some time with locals.

I do not want to make it complicated but if follow the few tips will help you a lot –

Do your homework – Do not treat India like a single unit, it’s a country of diversity. As you hit the ground in some big metro city like Delhi or Mumbai, do not expect the same culture in further small town like Agra or etc. 

Make your plan - India is a country of people, last minute booking sometimes take you nowhere. Few examples – 
 - When you book a train or bus or flight, Do not reach on destination on occurred time. 
- In case if you reach late night book the pre paid taxi or take help with any family traveling in the same mode. 
- If that not happen then deliberately note down the license plate of the vehicle, make a call (whether real or staged), and state the plate number and destination within earshot of the driver. If you not carrying the cell phone ask the driver to give you before to begin your journey. 

Do not look different – When you look very different that invite unnecessary attention. In dress up long tunic with a scruff and pants are acceptable everywhere. Later you observe the people and go with the flow. 
When you observe the Indian people you will find – 

- Men shake hand with other man but they do nameste to known female. Touching a woman is not common some exception like young western oriented youth. If you allow friendly touch by any male can create misinterpretation. 

- Indian men do eve teasing – You can it is a national bed habit may be reason of upbringing of girls and boys very separately. These men may like to be friendly with you but not sex criminal. Observe how Indian woman dealt that. A minimum extent best to ignore if someone cross limit says firmly NO… with little loud voices. 

 Act confident – Do not be very humble, criminal mindset people will take you as easy target that will encourage misadventures behavior. Do not be very polite but talk firm and confident. If any act, offer or touch if you not like be loud. Indian society is very conscious for the women in trouble. Your loud voices put any men in problem by the public. 

Be aware – When you travel put your feet in criminals shoe, you will find most criminal hang around tourist places or hotels are the places where they can get their victim. If you need to hire a three wheeler (tuk tuk) never hire just out of the hotel, Most of all (tuk tuk) driver try to take tourist for their business places where they get commission. If possible call an uber taxi or any other radio taxi. 

 Take support of local elder ladies. In India age is a big factor of power in social hierarchy. Meeting with local in safe situation is a wonderful experience!

Try to gather local support system - Talking with friendly group, co passenger will gives good understanding of Indian society. It will also make you safer; criminal may target a insecure, fearful lonely lady but never try with a person full of friends. 

- People may offer you food, be careful may be your tummy not trained for Indian germs, second in just one or two other man not safe to eat their food. Few criminal offer poisoned food and robe then when they loose consciousness. 

- Always read instruction on sign boards on public places. if not have time or not able to concentrate just take a picture and read later. Polices provide important telephone numbers always take picture of that. 

- Even if you get good friends in travel but its good to visit tourist information counter at railway, bus terminal or airport if you find there. 

- Dial 100 is emergency polices number all over India. 

- As you get in India try to buy a local sim, install in any normal internet enabled phone. Buy sim always from company outlet, do not buy from small shops that will take long way to activate. 

- As you find some friend exchange the phone number. Every person has contacts in other cities so even the same person can helpful in other city. Due to strong family bond people give you big help just on a one phone call. 

- try to pick few Hindi words make your conversation much easy and more helpful in making relations. 

- In India if you need help and if you find a sensible person like a person in uniform, or a family do not hesitant before the problem goes worse. 

- When you ask some information people make sure they understand your question because sometimes they not understand your English accent it’s better to reconfirm from some other person. 

Transport -
Try to avoid shops near monuments or shops in hotel premises. These areas shops are known as tourist traps. Many people get commission to bring customer up to the shop. 

- Except train try to avoid travel in night. Trains are a great way to get around, overnight sleepers included. AC2 or AC3 sleeper class is fine. If you need peaces at night and more spaces better with little more you go for 2AC, otherwise you should booking the top bunk.

 Book train in ticket in advances otherwise later it will not possible to book the train tickets. Train is most efficient and reasonable priced mode of travel. You need at least book train 3 month in advances, even if you are not sure book your ticket because later cancellation is not much expensive. 

Keep your Documents safe - India is country of big population, to avoid queue better book your monuments tickets, train, bus and hotels in Advances. It will be a great help. 

 - Keep sufficient number of passport photocopy and passport size your photographs. 

- If you lost your passport it will be not easy to get duplicate copy easily. India is a country of big bureaucracy. Offices matter takes long time. Just keep a small pack with your passport and valuables with you on your bunk. 

- Most important – Keep a soft copy of your all your travel documents and important telephone number, in case if you lost your volute still you have duplicate. 

- Keep the telephone number, email address and location address of your embassy of your country. 

 -It is safe to use ATM with bank otherwise use ATM with guard.

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Do not panic Indian cash crunch.

Now a days you might heard lot about Indian money crises. Its a big step for Indian economy, but for tourist government take several step to help them. For a tourist it is not a problem. If you heard only because some of the tourist might be unaware about the banking support.

Please Do not pay attention to rumors regarding demonetization (money issue) of Indian currency. It is a booster dose for Indian economy and tourist its a good opportunity because in beginning comparatively your tour become more cheaper.

As a tourist you have to take care of five simple things are following -

1. Bring more in cash - When you move from your country bring your currency like 1000 USD will helpful in case electronic transaction not work. easy to money exchange, many places people accept foreign currency. All monuments have online booking facility. 

2. Tourist have priority in banks - To help tourist bank create separate counter for tourist. Much easy to do banking, not crowded for tourist.

3. Card & electronic transaction accepted - Now day by day india become cashless, Its much easy to use your card or do electronic transaction.

4. Take smaller notes - In case you have bigger note like 2000 use that first even any small buy like tickets at monuments they will give cash back in small notes.

5 Use ATM happy hours- if you visit a ATM in early morning or bank right at 10 AM you will much easy to use.

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

10 things to know before Elephant ride at amber palaces, Jaipur

1. Most beautiful Ambiences - In Jaipur Elephant ride at Amber palaces is organised by government. Most beautiful ride with a excellent ambiences. This is a historical ride because king of Amber used to enter in his palaces by the elephant on the same way. Amber palaces is a palaces of gardens when you do this elephant ride you have opportunity to see all these garden and valleys and big Mahavata lake. In center of Mahavata lake you see a beautiful saffron garden. No comparision with any other private elephant ride in amber or Jaipur.

2. Purpose of the ride to help farmers - Government organised this ride to provide job employment to farmers. This ride is not for commercial purpose. This ride is very popular but due to elephant welfare they have limited rounds. They serve you on the first come first serve basis. Every elephant allowed to make 3 to 5 trips in the day. Generally due heavy demand all elephants complete  their trip before 12 Noon.

3. Most reasonable prices - Cost of ride is most reasonable that is just 1100 Rupees for 2 person which is around 17 USD for two people.Sometimes due to commercial interest people try to criticize this ride and try to glorify their private elephant ride to get some business , Do not pay attention unless & until you only want to see the elephant only in wild life. Otherwise all rides are same all using elephant. Their is no good ride or bad ride.

4. Elephant welfare - Government ride have limited trip, one elephant can make 3 to 5 trip in one day according to whether. Duration of one ride is 15 to 20 min. For elephant care it is only one way. after one trip every elephant wait till other elephants make their trip. All elephants in this are female elephants, which is very important because female elephants are calm in temperament. Every elephant have a number by that management control the number of trip per elephant. Elephant who work in this safary lives in elephant village. This government created elephant village where Mahavat (elephant driver) lives with his elephant in this village. Every elephant get a separate restroom. elephant is a social animal they are happy when surrounded by other elephants.

Finally your elephant ride will over at amber palaces, this is the way Maharaja (King) of Amber used to go in his beautiful palaces.

5. How to get on elephant - Most important to get on elephant both side they create a platform upto the height of elephant. when you move from platform to elephant seat that time very careful, most of the time elephant stand study but you have to be careful.

6. Leave hotel early - This ride is very popular so it will be good if you leave your hotel early, Due to this ride all the hotel in jaipur are ready with breakfast, if you reach amber palaces up to 8 AM, It will be much comfortable without getting in queue you will get your elephant. If you bring two banana with yourself, elephant will love your gift.

7. Do you afraid of height - Amber palaces is on top of the hill, Its a small mountain of 45 Meter height. On the way it create some height which is not much but still you do not like to see you on the height then you can take jeep ride or sedan car & taxi can go on the amber palaces or you can walk on the separate track up to the amber palaces. While you walk all the way salesperson will bother you.

8. Tipping to Mahavat (elephant driver) - By the safary notices there is No tipping but I am not sure but people used to give small tip to the driver which is around 100 Indian rupees

9.Hold sidebar - . When you are on elephant seat while walking elephant seat moves if you need to hold then hold sidebar because front road is movable, so do not hold front road.

10. Sales persons near the ride - When you wait for your elephant Amber palaces is same like any other tourist spot. You will find lot of salesperson surround by you.  As you complete the ride some photographers will bring a print of your elephant ride, Here you can see big negotiation margin if you going to buy somethings please use your negotiating skill otherwise you will regret later.

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Sunday, 11 October 2015

Jaipur By Night

Jaipur is one of the top visited city in India, In world it is famous as Pink City, Its real beauty revealed when it lighten by light. In day you bear heat and traffic bad on roads.In night it very pleasent.

Due to these aspect in point of view now Jaipur management deside to open city monuments for night, Name it Jaipur by night.

Change of Monuments timing - Now government change monuments timing for night tour, All monuments are open till 10PM.

Light and sound show - In tour at Janter Manter and Amber palaces they begin light and sound show.
These show are great opportunity to understand history with all light and sound effects.

Monuments more beautiful and Less crowded - Day tour highly busy and crowded but still night tour very peaceful. Light decoration done in such a way it enhances the beauty of all the monuments.

Good for indian situation - In India we have long summer and highly conjunction on traffic. if you plan to do sight scene in night, you will be free from all these problem of traffic and hot weather.

It is india's first planned town built in 1727 by one of genious of that time King Jai Singh II, It was King Jai Singh's vision, his brainchild due to that it know as Jaipur. (In india pur means city). It was the time when two stones were used for glorious construction in India were Marble or Red sand stone. Here king plan to build 10X10 square KM town, real red sandstone increase the cost. Then they plan to built Jaipur with normal available stones but later they paint the city into real red sandstone color. It become Pinkcity in the world as romantic pinkcity.

As we know it capital of geographically  India's largest state Rajasthan. It's close location to national capital Delhi and close to city of Taj Agra, make a beautiful triangle. In india tourism it is known as golden triangle. Most popular destination in Asia.

Only a constant sometime tourist face in summer time was its dry heat. Now administration understand this issue and all the monuments will open till late night 10 PM. Now it become a glamorous tour of city. Whenever you visit Jaipur, make suer have a trip after evening.
Rajesh Bhardwaj

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Indian Curry full of Spices

8 July 1497 early morning four strange ship reach at bank of Calicut now become kozhikode. Shoulders rush to the king to inform about these strange people. Captain of the ship crew was Vasco Da Gama, first European reached to India by sea. He led a fleet of four ships with a crew of 170 men from Lisbon. In 2 years he crossed 24000 miles.
Da Gama’s father made a promise with King Manuel I of Portugal to find a sea route to India by sailing around Africa before completing their promise his father died. He lost two ships in the voyage and only 55 crew member including Vasco da Gama able to survive. It was the first journey from Portugal to India nobody have idea how difficult it is. Nobody have the idea about the rout. With the two very basic instruments, compasses, an astrolabe and few astronomical charts he complete the voyage. When Da Gama returned to Lisbon King Manuel rewarded him and gave him the title of Admiral of the Sea of India because his voyage opened the first all-water trade route between Europe and Asia.
Vasco da Game discovery can change the fate of Portugal because now they can enter into the most lucrative trade of spices without passing through the Silk rout which were dominated by Arabs.
Arab traders in Mocambique and Mombasa hated the Portuguese and tried to seize their ships. The people at Malindi were friendlier and arranged for a guide to lead the fleet to India. But, when Da Gama reached India the Hindu King at Calicut initially welcome them. Muslim trader understands the further consequents. Muslim trader not wants any interference in their trade. On the advice of Muslim traders Indian ruler not like their gifts, King understand the feeling of their traders so King felt insulted because he thought the gifts da Gama had brought him were of little value. Furthermore, Muslim merchants who controlled trade in Calicut, India, resented European interference and would not trade with them.
Vasco da Gama know the potential of spices trade, the limited quantity of spices he carry with him give 60% profit.

Use of Spices in food was a big revolution in food history; Spices highly increase the nutrition value of food and most important use of spices preserve the food for longer time. Crop if spices need a specific climatically condition that’s why spics grow only south Asia’s limited part in the world. As the means of transportation grow spices start spreading into different part of the world. Spices trade becomes the most lucrative trade in the world.
India is a country of spices. Diversity of India food is what makes it so exciting. Travel a few miles in any direction and you may discover yet another regional specialty. Still in India their thousand more dishes which were not yet hit on International platform. You know this country populated wit in 35 states, 22 official languages, one places to another places maximum sunrise time is around two hour, 50 races, each with their culture, language, tradition and cuisine.  Spices are everywhere in India due to the best climatically condition.
- Out of important 86 spices India still produces 50 spices.
- Each year India export spices of 1000 million rupees .
-86 percent of spices trade mainly limited to 5 spices black paper, Red chili , ginger, turmeric& cardamom.

Health benefits of Spices

Spices and herbs are botanically classified as fruits and vegetables. Using more spices and herbs as a way for you to improve the overall quality of your diet. Spices and herbs also are rich in phytonutrients, like carotenoids, flavonoids etc, These have great adventage for health.

Antioxidants are substances -- found in foods like fruits and vegetables --that may protect cells against the effects of free radicals. Free radicals are molecules produced when your body breaks down food, or by environmental exposures like tobacco smoke and radiation. Antioxidants can protect you against heart disease, cancer and other diseases. Antioxidants include beta-carotene, lutein, lycopene, selenium and vitamins A, C, and E. Since spices no longer contain the water that makes up a significant part of the fresh produce, spices and herbs offer an even higher level of antioxidants.

-Inflammation has been identified as a precursor to many chronic diseases, such as heart disease, allergies, and Alzheimer's to name a few. Spices and herbs can be included in an anti-inflammatory diet to not only add flavor but to also assist in healing the body. Anti-inflammatory properties. Researchers are investigating the unique protective properties of spices and herbs, and their role in possibly reducing inflammation.

Weight loss, it is supported by many research studies that spices to boost metabolism, promote satiety, aid weight management and enhance the overall quality of a diet. The capsaicin in peppers is believed to have metabolic boosting properties.

Top 3 spices of India

This warm, sweet spice comes from the bark of a tree native to Sri Lanka. The bark is removed, dried and rolled up to make a tube. It has a deep, earthy, sweet smell . Cinnamon is sold dry as sticks and ground as a powder.
Health Benefit:
Can lower blood sugar, triglycerides, LDL, and total cholesterol in people with type 2 diabetes. Aim for one-fourth to one-half teaspoon of cinnamon twice a day. Specially very helpful in diabetic's and cinnamon has a remarkable effect on regulating blood sugar.
Cinnamon oil is in great demand in Western countries and Europe where it is used as a preservative in the food industry as well as a flavoring agent. Cinnamon leaf oil has been found to be very effective in killing mosquito larvae.
Now a day’s Mexico become a main import of cinnamon for preparing chocolate. It is widely used in many dissert recipes, candies, hot coco , liquor. In the Middle East, it is often used in savory dishes of chicken and lamb. Cinnamon powder has long been an important spice in Persian cuisine. In the United States, cinnamon and sugar are often used to flavor cereals, bread-based dishes, and fruits, especially apples. In India, cinnamon is applied as a whole; the bark pieces are fried in hot oil until they unroll (this is important to release the fragrance); then, temperature is quenched by adding other components, like tomatoes, onions or yoghurt (see onions and black cumin for further details). The cinnamon chunks may be removed before serving, but are more frequently kept as a fragrant decoration.

2.Cumin seeds:
Cumin needs a warm climate and calcium-rich soil. now widely grown in India, Middle-East, and Mediterranean countries. It used for its warm flavor. An aromatic spice, It has a unique and potent flavor crucial to Indian curries, where it's often roasted before grinding to impart a toasted, nutty flavor.

Health Benefit
The Mediterranean spice is a good source of iron and like cinnamon, it help in lowering blood glucose levels. It also has antibacterial properties. Antiseptic properties of cumin can help fight flu by boosting your immune system. Cumin helps control stomach pain, indigestion, diarrhoea, nausea and morning sickness. Cumin seeds also contain a good amount of iron.

The spice also contains very good amounts of B-complex vitamins such as thiamin, vitamin 

B-6, niacin, riboflavin, and other vital anti-oxidant vitamins like vitamin E, vitamin A and 

vitamin C.

Cumin seeds are used for their distinctive flavor and aroma. All the Indian curry it is one of the important component. Cumin spices are the most popular spices of Indian kitchens. It used as roasted which is famous TADKA in lentil.


In India saffron produces in Kashmir. Saffron is known for his unique aroma. Saffron is widely used in Indian, Persian, European, Arab, and Turkish cuisines. It also used in Indian Spa, liquer, aroma etc.
Indian tradition healing “aureveda” saffron have higher status as a medicine. It work as a great antioxidant. Saffron has a distinct, wonderful flavor to all manner of dishes.

Saffron yourself, you can follow the instructions in a recipe, or you can prepare saffron threads by various methods. Saffron threads can be soaked in water, as well as a broth or other liquid, which will become infused with the flavor and orange-yellow coloring, and can then be added to a dish. Typically, the saffron threads are crushed or ground before soaking them.
Saffron threads can also be toasted, and are then ground or crushed into a powder and added to a dish.
Because saffron is so expensive, turmeric is often used as a cheap substitute, though basically for color only, for while both saffron and turmeric produce a rich, golden-yellow color in foods, the taste of saffron is far superior.

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Back in Luxury of Rajasthan Royalty ;Oberoi Rajvilas Jaipur

Personally as a travel writer & tour leader I never enough time to enjoy the comfort and services of a hotel. My working style makes me leave early morning and come back at late night. I have hardly have time to spent in Hotel, but one experience makes me real lazy which I would like to share with you. Last summer I was with a group of photographers in Jaipur we stayed in Oberoi Rajvilas Jaipur. Every room was like a separate villa.  Around 32 acres spread real garden with Lush green loan. Long lonely paths were there to walk long. It’s like a big resort. More open spaces in between two separate villa like room & suites. It's  like a beautiful “Havali” in a peaceful village in natural coutryside.

Old traditional nobles in Rajasthan royalty used to live in “Havalies”. Literally the meaning of this word is come from a Hindi word which is used for breeze that is “Hawa” and word “Havali” is used for a building which has fine ventilation system. These expansive houses were only used by elite class of the society like the Minister, Rich businessman or landlords, etc. They were like small places which were especially constructed according to the weather of Rajasthan. It is part of Thar Desert, in summer temperature goes extremely hot but on the same day temperature goes extremely cold in night. These Havalies built in traditional way where they use mad, stone, lime like material to built thick walls and high roofs with thick sealing so the heat never comes down. The front part of these havalies are extremely decorative. The lifestyle which Raj Vilas maintain is like a real Rajasthan tradition of royalty.

.The Oberoi Spa is the place where you find old Indian tradition of  Ayurvedic treatments, aromatherapy, body scrubs, body treatments, as well as body wraps, massages and facials. It gives you deep rest and relaxation with a state of art hair salon. Outside there is a luxurious swimming pool. Guests can enjoy drinks as there is a bar  or lounge.Their luxurious tent experiences is like a jungle safari, it seem like a childhood dream come true
The places which I were enjoyed the most was their real classical library with traditional wood work of Rajasthan teak. After a long time I seat on a old traditional study table with a nice surrounding of classic books of world literature. Pleasant light and silences.

Knowledgeable staff available at the front desk 24 hours-a-day and can provide tour/ticket assistance, express check-in and express check-out. Separate business center and conference/meeting rooms as well as secretarial services and audiovisual equipment, etc so if you are planning a meeting you will have everything you need to make your event a success. Guests can make use of the high-speed (wired and wireless) Internet access that are provided for a fee. Enjoy free newspapers in the lobby, where you will also find a safe at reception for your valuables. Other amenities include gift shops/newsstands, free valet parking, cell phone/mobile rentals, dry cleaning/laundry services, air conditioning in public areas and currency exchange.